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Where We Hang

The Foley Estates Vineyard and Winery is located in the Santa Rita Hills appellation of Santa Barbara County. Highly regarded by leading wine critics and sommeliers, their Burgundian-influenced portfolio of premiere Pinot Noir and Chardonnay has become a flagship property in the South Central Coast.

Red Ride at Foley Estates

(Click the painting to enlarge view.)

The original oil on canvas, 20″x24″, may be viewed in the Foley Estates tasting room.

This fully restored 1947 Farmall Cub tractor is located to the immediate south of the Foley Estates tasting room.

Nancy spied the tractor when she first visited the winery in 2010 and began her studies for this landscape shortly after. The painting was finished in 2012.

There’s just something about these machines!

Lots and lots of people are very interested in them. They are a strong reminder of America’s rural roots and our oldest profession; farming.

Perhaps they’re also a reminder of simpler times.

But whatever the reason, people seem fond of tractors; especially older tractors.

And this tractor, standing proudly at the entrance to Foley Estates, is no exception. Visitors to the tasting room often comment on Foley’s “mascot”.

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The second of our original paintings hanging in the famed Foley Estates tasting room.
Midsummer Shade

Midsummer Shade at Foley Estates

The original oil on canvas, 36″x48″, may be viewed in the Foley Estates tasting room.  A museum quality framed giclée print on canvas may be viewed here.

At midsummer the vines are thriving. The warm days and cool nights are busy ripening Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes in the Foley vineyards. Meanwhile we sit under the shaded porch with vineyards stretched out before us and California Oaks on the horizon. Cooled by a summer breeze, glass in hand, we appreciate the bounty of the vines and the skill of the winemaker.

Santa Barbara is located about 90 miles (145 km) WNW of Los Angeles, along the Pacific coast. This stretch of coast along southern Santa Barbara County is often referred to as the “American Riviera” because its geography and similar climate to that of the French and Italian Rivieras.  There are so many beautiful sights along this stretch, but certainly amongst the most striking is from this vantage point. The buildings at the right of this scene are of the Bacara Resort and Hotel. 

Santa Barbara Riviera

The original 28 x 46 oil (framed 34 x 52) is hanging at the Santa Barbara Wine Co. in Santa Barbara, California. The painting is still available for sale here.

Situated in the Santa Barbara wine country, with spectacular views of the California coast, Bacara sits in Italianate splendor. This painting reminds us that our climate is called Mediterranean for a reason.




A family-owned estate winery specializing in fine wines from California’s Central Coast. Firestone Vineyard was founded in 1972 as Santa Barbara County’s first estate winery.
Firestone Vineyard is one of the wineries along the famous Foxen Canyon Wine Trail. The winery is located in the heart of the rural Santa Ynez Valley near the town of Los Olivos in Santa Barbara County. It includes a barrel cellar, fermentation cellar, crush pad, tasting room and bottling line for full production from the vine to the bottle.

Firestone Fire

Firestone Fire

The original oil on canvas, 30″x48″, can be viewed at the Firestone Winery. A museum quality framed giclée print on canvas may be viewed here.

As you leave the crossroad town of Los Olivos on CA154 the turnoff for famed Foxen Canyon Road appears. Passing grazing cattle and vineyards you suddenly crest the hill and this marvelous landscape looms into view. Pull over. It’s worth the stop. And if your timing is right, sunset will burnish the vineyards of the Firestone Winery for you.

For more information on this painting and to see the study from which the original was produced, click here. For more information regarding the winery visit







Thekla and Richard Sanford are grateful that the Alma Rosa Winery & Vineyards is now in its permanent site on their home ranch, Rancho El Jabalí – the same place in which they established their namesake winery over 30 years ago.

Tasting room manager Chris Burroughs, of Sideways fame, invites you to join him at the rustic, creekside space to enjoy a taste of our award winning wines.

Alma Rosa Afternoon


 Alma Rosa Afternoon

The now famous Sta. Rita Hills of Santa Barbara County were discovered by wine icon Richard Sanford in the 1970’s. He took a chance, planted Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and amazed the gurus with his world-class wines. Now dozens of wineries call this area home.

But the bevy of new tasting rooms can’t compete with the charm of Alma Rosa’s wonderfully rustic small tasting room. One is taken back to the genesis of winemaking in the Sta. Rita Hills. With weathered boards, a corrugated tin roof and tree-branch shaded porch there may be no better place in the valley to re-live history and taste wine.

The original oil on canvas, 9″x12″, may be viewed at the Alma Rosa winery.
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