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Red Ride at Foley Estates

Foley Estates Winery Painting - Red Ride (Tractor) at Foley Estates

Foley Estates Winery Painting, entitled, “Red Ride at Foley Estates”.

There’s just something about tractors!

Maybe they remind people of one of our oldest professions; farming, or perhaps they’re just a reminder of simpler times when we lived close to the land. But whatever the reason, people seem fond of tractors; especially older tractors. And this tractor, standing proudly at the entrance to Foley Estates, is no exception. Visitors to the tasting room often comment on Foley’s “mascot”.

The original oil on canvas, 20″x24″, may be viewed in the Foley Estates tasting room.

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Professionally framed archival-quality giclee print on canvas. 

Giclee: 9″x12″, Framed: 12″x15″

Price: $99.00

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